Cnc Laser cutting Services

If you are in search of flexible and cost effective laser cutting services, the go no further! We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and provide our valued customers with quality laser cutting services. As an eminent and renowned company offering laser cutting services for our clients, we offer our services with the help of the latest CNC laser cutting and metal laser cutting equipment.

Our quality laser processing is provided as a ‘value added service’ that eliminates or greatly reduces “downstream manufacturing costs”. Our laser processing technology adds another feather in our cap when it comes to delivering the most stringent customer requirements. We guarantee our quality when it comes to the end results be it large or small projects, intricate or simple requirements, or prototype or mass production wants.

With Shree Sigma Laser, you are assured of better accuracy and finish of processed parts whether they be mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminium. Some advantages of laser cutting are provided as below:

  • free detail configuration
  • high-quality cutting surface and verticality to the plane of the material
  • lack of permanent deformation in the details
  • no need for further manual fine-tuning the details of a given size, because the tolerances is 0.1 mm
  • easy execution of support structural elements that will reduce the bending, side, and welding
  • cutting of black metal, stainless steel and aluminium
  • engraving on the details – decorative and technical